Are you burning milk repeatedly? Then definitely know this

When the milk comes home, first we boil it and cool it in the fridge. Be it raw milk or packet. Raw milk contains various harmful bacteria.

Boiling kills them and reduces digestive disturbances. Boiled milk is better for a little longer. You can easily keep it for three to four days by keeping it in the fridge. News of Anandabazar newspaper.

But many people forget that packet milk is pasteurized. Or in simple words, as much as the bacteria die at the boiling temperature.

It is then sold. There is no need to boil milk, especially milk sold in tetra packs. You can keep it out until unsealed. There is no fear of being bad.

But is there any harm in boiling that milk? no You can boil milk by taking it out of the fridge. It will not cause any harm.

However, according to experts, one milk should not be boiled more than 2-3 times. It is better to end it.

How to shoot

Boiling milk seems easy but the task is not that easy. Boiling milk on too high heat will curdle the bottom. So the milk should boil slowly on medium heat. And stir as soon as you see small bubbles on the side of the pot. The milk should be stirred until it boils.

When it boils, you can remove the juice that falls on top. There is no problem playing. However, those who have digestive problems after consuming milk, may increase the problem by consuming this milk. So you can remove it and use it in makeup. Will work great.

If the milk is boiled on high heat, the water in the milk dries up and the protein becomes thicker. It can change the taste and color of the milk.

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