Follow these rules every Tuesday to overcome bad times in life

Among the seven days of the week, Tuesday is very important, Tuesday is considered to be Ma Mangal Chandi’s day, so it is said to follow some rules on Tuesday for the overall improvement of the family or good luck. And all those rules are-

1. Worship Hanuman Tagore every Tuesday it is possible to overcome all adversities in life. With a pure mind put on pure clothes and offer red flowers at the feet of Hanuman Tagore and any obstacles will be removed easily.

2. Red color is considered very auspicious for Tuesday, so wearing red clothes on this day removes all obstacles.

3. Eat vegetarian food every Tuesday if possible. The same Hanumanji puja on the other hand is done on Tuesday for Maa Mangal Chandi so on this day avoid boiled rice and foods like starch and onion.

4. If you fast and worship Durga Kali or your favorite deity without Hanuman Ji on Tuesday, your luck is bound to return.

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