Cosmic view! Strawberry Moon Will or Sin This Year

The world is going to witness a great cosmic event in the middle of this year. It is known that Strawberry Moon will be seen in June. This cosmic view is not always seen. It is one of the major attractions of this year.

Next June 21, this ‘Strawberry Moon’ will be seen. The 21st after the solstice is the first full moon. And on this day the moon will reach its full size.

This year’s full moon will not be called a supermoon. However, the moon will be slightly larger on June 21 than it is on a normal day. This ‘strawberry moon’ can be seen during the spring season or the last full moon or full moon and the first full moon of the summer season.

The summer season has started in the Northern Hemisphere from last June 21. This particular day sees the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. The Strawberry Moon conjunction with the Summer Solstice occurs once every 20 years.

2024 is shaping up to be a great year for those interested in astronomy. Because meteor fall, solar eclipse and lunar eclipse will be seen in the sky this year. Super Moon, Blood Moon will also be seen.

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