Bengali favorite Phulko Kachuri, here are the 8 best shops in Kolkata

Bengalis have a fascination with certain foods. Among them are kachuri. Although Luchi is slightly ahead, there is no shortage of Bengalis’ love for Kachuri. In the morning, chickpeas or potato curry or hot kachuri with a little ghugni, all Bengali pulls. Every Bengali has his own favorite kachuri shops. There is a crowd from the morning to take the kachuri. Sometimes there are long lines. This attraction towards kachuri is probably why there are so many kachuri shops all over the city of Kolkata.

Earlier kachuri was available only in sweet shops. But now beyond sweet shops, kachuri has also entered the list of street food. Not all sweet shops in Kolkata sell kachuri. Some sell only on Sundays and some every day. There are some kachuri shops, which sell only kachuri all day long. If you are in Kolkata and looking for some of the best kachuri shops around, then you cannot miss these outlets.

Maharaja: Near Deshpriya Park on Sarat Bose Road, this shop is also mouth-watering. Hing Er Kochuri of this shop is famous. Potato curry is available with it. Apart from kachuri, jillipi, singara and tea are available here.

Maharani: Opposite to Maharaja, this shop is known to many food lovers in the city. The taste of potato steam with the crunch of hot asafoetida is incomparable here. It is said that the Maharaja and the Maharani came from the same family and opened kachuri shops on both sides of the road. But today both the shops are located on the same side of the road.

Tasty Corner: Another store called Tasty Corner located in Ekadalia, South Kolkata, is a must for kachouri. This shop is famous for its kachuri flavor among local residents as well as school children of the surrounding area. Apart from asafoetida, other flavors such as curry, paneer and other flavored kachuris are available in this shop.

Sri Hari Mistanna Bhandar: This shop is located opposite Bhavanipur Police Station. The over 105-year-old legendary sweet shop is known for its Kachuris. Here dal is served with hot hot kachuri. Additionally, Sri Hari is also famous for his lanchar. Various sizes of langchas are available here. So in the end, you can fill your stomach with a few langchas by coming to this shop to eat kachuri.

Mohan Bhandar: This shop is located on SN Banerjee Road. It is one of the busiest streets around. Because of that, thousands of Mohan’s Kachuri vanishes in a short time. Here you can find fulko fulko kachuri with potato curry. Accompanied by lime chutney and pickles.

Putiram: This is another legendary shop in the College Street area, famous for kachuris and other sweets. Kolkata is incomplete without the taste of kachuri from this shop. The best part is that you can get a bite to eat here at any time of the day. You don’t have to come all the way to College Street just for breakfast. Kachuri is available here with potato curry or gram dal. Apart from Kachuri you can also get Radha Vallabhi here.

Geetika: This shop is located in Maniktala. The kachuri here is served with potato curry. Potato cubes have some remaining peel though. The taste of the curry is very un-Bengali. Yet this kachuri has a name for a slightly different taste.

Potlar Dokan: The name of this shop on Bagbazar Street in North Kolkata captures the essence of Rokar Adda, owned by Bengali gentleman Dibyendu Sen. The Patler Shop is open from 7:30 am to 9 pm. Here hot kachuri is served on shalpatar plates. Not only Kachuri, you can try different types of Televaza when you come here in the evening. Director Anjan Chowdhury often comes to take Televaza from this shop. Also writer Sanjeev Chatterjee’s favorite is this shop’s chops.

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