Fossils of 4 species of dinosaurs were found in the abandoned valley

Fossils of four species of dinosaurs, including Megaraptor, have been found in an abandoned valley in Patagonia, Chile. Scientists think that finding this fossil is one of the most important in the last few decades.

The fossils were found at Cerro Guido in the Las Chinas Valley in southern Chile, near the Argentine border. They were taken to the laboratory in 2021. After a long examination, the researchers confirmed that these fossils belong to four species of extinct dinosaurs.

The scientists also said that the fossils of the four species of dinosaurs discovered are not expected to be found in Chile.

Marcelo Lepe, director of the Antarctic Institute of Chile (Inach) said in this regard, the teeth and postcranial bone fragments of four species of dinosaurs, including Megaraptor, were recovered from the valley. He also said that these daunosaurs belong to the theropod genus.

He said, “The discovery of this fossil in the Las Chinas Valley is very important. However, many fossils have been found in this valley in Chile.

Marcelo also said that the University of Chile and the University of Texas collaborated in this expedition of Inach.

Incidentally, dinosaurs of the Megaraptor genus were carnivores. They had sharp claws for tearing flesh. These dinosaurs are believed to have existed about 660 to 750 million years ago, i.e. during the Cretaceous period.


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