Psychiatrist cheated patients and embezzled billions of rupees in 20 years! Finally leaked

Jolia Alemi has been working as a qualified psychologist in Britain for over 20 years. But recently his real feat has been leaked. Allegedly, he is not a doctor at all. He doesn’t even have medical qualifications. The certificate showing that he used to work in Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), is all fake. Jolia made a lot of money in 20 years by duping patients by creating fake certificates.

According to the plaintiff, Jolia has earned one million euros (Tk. 11 crore 20 lakh 83 thousand in Bangladeshi currency) during these two decades. The certificate he showed to the NHS said he had passed his doctorate from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Allegedly, the Auckland University certificate was fake.

The plaintiff also alleged that Jolia failed the medical examination. After that, he made a fake certificate and introduced himself as a psychologist. No one could catch his feat for so long.

To become a government-registered doctor in Britain, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery is required. Before that long 6 years medical education is also mandatory. Allegedly, Jolia studied for a bachelor’s degree in medicine. Passed the first step. But later he could not pass the final exam.

Although born in Iran, Jolia is a citizen of New Zealand. Worked in Britain. He had to face severe punishment in the court of that country.

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