Love to eat chips? Make this recipe with bread

Many people eat bread at night. After rice, bread is the most popular food in our country. It is also popular among Bengalis. But in terms of quality, bread cannot be made every day. Bread survives every night. Getting up every morning and throwing away this stale bread is a big task. Who wants to throw away bread bought or made by spending money. However, many people do not want to eat stale bread. So Kakimara, the mother of the house, was forced to throw it away. But from now on don’t throw away this bread.

But have you ever tried making something else with leftover bread? If not, you can try. Today we bring you the recipe for making stale bread chips. The bread chips are very spicy and full of flavor. Also, it only takes five minutes to make.

Let’s know how to make bread chips-

Ingredients needed to make Bread Chips-

1. stale bread

2. A teaspoon of beet salt

3. Oil 5 tbsp (for frying bread)

How to Make Bread Chips

1. First, soak the stale breads.

2. Then heat a non stick pan with 1 to 2 tsp oil.

3, Next, put the roti in this hot oil and fry it from both sides till it becomes crispy.

4. Make sure that the bread is crisp like a leaf.

5. Then take out this fried bread in a bowl.

6. Then cut each piece into medium sized pieces.

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