If the situation is favorable the university will open again for girls, the Taliban government claims

The door to higher education has not been firmly closed to girls in Afghanistan, but they are currently not being given that opportunity. If the situation is favorable, the doors of the university will be opened again for girls.

Taliban government spokesman Suhail Shaheen claimed this on Wednesday (January 11).

Suhail told the British media The Independent, “I want to make it clear that there is no permanent ban on girls in higher education. It has been postponed until the situation is favourable.’

He claimed, “The government is not against Afghanistan’s girls getting higher education.” But it needs a favorable environment. The Taliban is making efforts to ensure that the girls of the country get education according to our values and norms.

Suhail did not say anything clearly about when there will be a favorable environment for girls’ higher education in Afghanistan. He said that efforts are being made to ‘optimize it as soon as possible’.

Since December, the Taliban government has banned girls from entering all educational institutions including colleges and universities for an indefinite period. Middle and high school doors are still closed for girls despite the exemption from education up to sixth grade. The Taliban has come under international criticism for this.

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