Women who are involved in aliens know which animals they care for the most

There is no end to the curiosity about aliens. Movies, literature, reality – everywhere the excitement about alienation runs high. There is as much debate about morality as it is about forbidden relationships. But let’s look at an interesting survey without going into the debate of whether alienation is good or bad.

According to a recent survey by a dating website, women who are involved in extramarital affairs have the highest tendency to own cats. A popular American dating website recently conducted this survey among 1,400 women involved in extramarital affairs. Age, occupation or any other socio-economic information of these women has been kept secret.

The survey asked, what animals do women who are adulterous keep? According to the results of the survey, cat petting is the most prevalent among women involved in alienation. Twenty-two percent of the women surveyed reported owning a cat. However, interest in petting not only cats but also various animals was seen among the participating women. Check out that list.

For example, cats: 22 percent, fish: 19 percent, hamsters: 17 percent, guinea pigs: 16 percent, lizards: 15 percent, turtles: 14 percent, birds: 13 percent, dogs: 12 percent, snakes: 5 percent, rabbits: 2 percent.

But questions remain as to whether such studies have any scientific basis at all. Therefore, it would be prudent to see it as a mere element of humor rather than a scientific study.

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