Special Juice Khan Sourav Ganguly Dada’s Secret Diet Leaked in Dadagiri to Retain Youth

Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9 will end in just a few days. So the audience is very upset. As the days go by, this favorite reality show of Bengalis is moving towards the grand finale. But sometimes some videos of the last episodes of Dadagiri are shared on social media by Zee Bangla which can cheer up the netizens in a moment.

Dadagiri means Sourav Ganguly to the audience. Viewers were disappointed not to see Sourav Ganguly on the Dadagiri stage on television screens on Saturday and Sunday. Sourav has been very successful in the role of administrator while handling the responsibility of BCCI President. Although she is close to 50 in terms of age, it is difficult to guess her age by looking at the glamor of her face. Everyone is eager to know the secret of Sourav’s fitness and youthfulness.

Everyone thinks that behind the glamor of celebrity looks lies their secret diet. So fans are interested to know a little about Sourav Ganguly’s diet chart. Actress Arpita Mukhopadhyay came to the celebrity special episode of Dadagiri and asked this question to Dada.

Unable to suppress her curiosity, Mithai asked everyone’s favorite ‘Pisimani’ Dada, “I always see you, the same handsome – so beautiful that I forget everything.” After that, Arpita asked, “I came to know about the diet from you.” . In response to the question, Saurabh shared his secret diet with everyone.


However, the eyes of the netizens have turned to Sourav’s response. Grandpa said that he starts the day with the bitter juice of green udder! Exclude mutton, chicken, all kinds of sweets and chocolate from the daily food list! In fact, Sourav Ganguly suffered from a heart attack a few days ago. He was diagnosed with three blockages in the arteries of his heart. Angioplasty is also done. Since then, Bengal tigers have been rushing to eat and drink. Hence this strict diet.


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