Sanai wedding in Tolipara! After two years, musician Durnibar, the bride, is on the verge of marriage again

At the beginning of the new year, wedding bells are going to be played in Tolipara. Musician Durnibar Saha is going to get married again after two years. In June last year, there were reports of a rift in Durnibar-Meenakshi’s marriage. News of Durnibar’s new love emerged as the reason for the separation. As the month rolled around, the singer gave a seal to the news of a new love, and in the new year announced the news of a second marriage.

Durnibar and Aindrila (Mohar) Sen have been in a relationship for months. He is the personal PR officer of Prosenjit Chatterjee, a well-known name in Mohr industry. On March 9, the two will play seven rounds. This is what this loving couple of Tolipara said in an interview. When did Aindrila-Durnibar’s love begin? In an interview given to this period, Prosenjit’s own public relations officer said, ‘I went to listen to a show at Someplace Else in December 2021, there was talk. Phone numbers were exchanged, but there was no conversation. Then meet at the trailer launch event after two months. Then I asked him if he would go to that pub in Park Street, and he wanted to know if he would listen to Lakshmichhara’s show.

This ‘Lakshmichhara’ show bridges the lives of Durnibar and Aindrila. Aindrila was late to reach the show, so Durnibar started singing to her on the phone. In his words, ‘We both felt a pull towards each other, started walking on that path’.

Durnibar married Meenakshi out of love. Although they tied the knot in February 2021, they got married legally in 2017. What do the singer think about broken relationships and falling in love again? Durnibar said, ‘After realizing that some relationships are not right, I came to a place and felt that someone was holding my hand tightly. Mohr is the man of my life. …. I have never felt so right about a relationship.

To Mohr, marriage means ‘colorful ceremony’. Both of them are planning to get married with great fanfare. The couple has also fixed the wedding play-list. On the side of the seal there is the Sanai of the wedding and Rabindra Sangeet sung by Durnibar. Patra on the other hand prefers jazz music. Both of them are now ‘mind eating’. This relationship is progressing at breakneck speed.


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